BBA Certification

BBA Certification For Resin Driveways

Clearstone are proud to be a BBA approved installer in their own right.

BBA Certified Resin-Bound installer - Clearstone

We believe in quality. For something as important as your home, you deserve the reassurance that every detail of your new surface is dealt with to the utmost standard.

From the selection of raw materials and their careful preparation, to the precise installation process – it’s the combination of each important stage that guarantees a successful outcome.

BBA Certification number 18/ 5548 for CLEARBOUND resin bound surfacing

How does a BBA certificate ensure Clearstone quality?

Our resin bound installation process – developed over 10 years – has earned recognition from the British Board of Agrément – which has awarded us certification for the process we call ‘Clearbound’.

This BBA certificate – number 18/5548 – gives you the reassurance that every detail of your Clearstone surface will be perfect. You can check our ‘Clearbound’ certificate on the BBA website

Do other installers have BBA certificates?

It’s important to know that, as experienced specialists in the resin bound industry, our BBA certificate is specific to the process of installing your new resin bound driveway or surface.

If you speak to other surfacing providers who display a BBA logo on their website, be sure to ask for the details of the exact product or process that has been certified.

Ask for the number of their BBA certificate and use the BBA website to check the details. Unless a certificate is specific to the expert installation of resin bound surfaces, it may not give you the confidence you need.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with our experienced team and we’d love to help.