Specifications for resin bound paving

Attention to detail is part of what makes Clearstone resin bound surfaces perform so well. These downloadable spec sheets give you all the detail you need to ensure your preparation and design are in order. Ask for our advice. We’ll help you ensure your design and preparation needs are met.

Specification 1. Permeable Private Driveway - SuDS compliant surface

Specification PDF: Permeable private driveway_SuDS (415 KB)

Specification 2. Permeable Pathway - SuDS compliant surface

Specification PDF: Permeable Pathway_SuDS (416 KB)

Specification 3. Car Park and Access Road

Specification PDF: Car Park and Access Road_SuDS (365 KB)

Specification 4. Urban Pathway with Occasional Maintenance Vehicles

Specification PDF: Urban Pathway with occasional maintenance vehicles (416 KB)

Specification 5. Tree Pit for Pedestrian Traffic

Specification PDF: Tree Pit for Pedestrian Traffic (169 KB)

Specification 6. New Concrete Driveway Base-Private Drive

Specification PDF: New Concrete Driveway Base-Private Drive (339 KB)

Specification 7. New Concrete Path Base

Specification PDF: New Concrete Path Base (334 KB)

What is the difference between resin 'bound' and resin 'bonded

The difference between resin bound and bonded paving explained Clearstone v2